Simple Pursuit

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Simple Pursuit

God take us back – the place we began
The simple pursuit of nothing but You
The innocence of a heart in Your hands

God take us back

This is the cry of the Christian heart – ever drifting in and out of devoted nearness to God. God take us back. We are swept out of step with the Spirit, whether by the Enemy, the world, or our own double-hearted flesh. We long to return because, in His kindness, God has knit heaven into the fabric of our being – a yearning for what is greater than that which we can see and touch. 

But even as we hope to return, we fear we won’t be received. We wonder if we’ll still be welcome at the table after denying the invitation one too many times. We may not fear that we’ve lost our eternal home, but more so that our friend, Jesus, will reject our belated interest in spending time with Him; or our Father will be disappointed in our failure, and in response, He’ll spurn our feeble pursuit. 

Take heart, Believer. When you pray, “God, take me back”, His answer, without hesitation or change, is “Come!” Like the prodigal’s father, your perfect Father will run to meet You – He will already be waiting, even when you are a long way off. Christ’s earthly message was, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened” (Matthew 11:28); He has only grown in affection for you since those words were first spoken. You will not be turned away. A heart whose earnest desire is to return to intimacy with Christ will be granted its desire every time. It may not come as quickly as you hoped it would, but it will come. 

To an unswerving faith in the power of Your name
A heart beating for Your kingdom to reign
A Church that is known for Your presence again

God take us back

As we are called deeper into the heart and will of the Father, we are filled with greater measures of faith and passion. We experience, enjoy, and reflect the presence of God as we move through life. Even as we are confronted with increasing brokenness and suffering, we are carried by the faith that has been rooted deep within us, and by the friendship the Spirit offers us in the midst of these things. 

Our weakness does not hinder us – it moves us to draw on the power of the name of Jesus, knowing that therein lies our security, our comfort, the answer to our every need. This is what we have to look forward to when we seek Him. This is the gift God gives those who are surrendered.

Nothing and no one comes close to You
Nothing could ever come close
Nothing and no one – it’s You and You only

Nothing could ever come close

“O Lord, God of Israel, there is no God like you, in heaven above or on earth beneath, keeping covenant and showing steadfast love to your servants who walk before you with all their heart.” 1 Kings 8:23

Once we have tasted the goodness of God – once we have seen His beauty and known His companionship – all else will fall short. No idol, no fear, no comfort will even begin to scratch the surface of who God is to us. We are forgetful, and may turn to the left or right, seeking to find satisfaction where it cannot be found. But when we have given ourselves to Christ, we will always discover, again and again, that nothing and no one comes close.