We look forward to finding and promoting great songs in the Worship Initiative community. In an ongoing way, we will actively look for material to record that comes from our members. As a member, you are invited to submit songs now. We use to evaluate material. If you’d like to use their service to evaluate your writing in any genre, we recommend them highly. Their site is friendly and self-explanatory. If you want WI to consider your songs, here’s the “how-to.”

  1. On the song submission form, under “Genre” in the blank for “Other” please write: “Consider for The Worship Initiative”
  2. There is also a blank field for “Other notes” on the checkout page. In that blank, please write, “Consider for The Worship Initiative,” and if the song is great, it will find us.

This opportunity to have material recorded by The Worship Initiative is only available to members and only through