There's Nothing That Our God I Can't Do

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Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6–7)


Do you know the God who assembled the universe? The God who formed Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Earth from nothing, who sketched out Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, and Orion, who shaped each peak and valley of the Rocky Mountains and installed every inch of ocean floor? The God who waters every continent with his rain, who crafts billions of snowflakes, never two the same, who decides when each leaf will fall? The God who feeds cardinals and killer whales, squirrels and crocodiles, carpenter ants and polar bears? The God who sustains each and every thing he has made each and every second of the day (Hebrews 1:3)?


Do you know the God who dreamed you into this world? The God who decided exactly how tall you would be, and tuned the tone and pitch of your voice, and painted the hue of your eyes, and shaped, with loving precision, all the unique edges of your personality? The God who knit you into you, like billions before you and billions around you, utterly unique, never repeated? The God who wrote every page of your story before you could read, or write, or even breathe (Psalm 139:16)?


Do you know the God who, so many centuries ago, split the seas in two? The God who rescued his people from slavery, from the awful tyranny of their oppressors? The God who turned rivers into blood, who covered the land with frogs and gnats and locusts, who rained hail and fire from heaven, who swallowed all of Egypt in darkness? The God who walked people out of captivity, who carved out a wide, dry path from deep water, who fed them in the wilderness, who conquered their every enemy, large or small, who planted them in the land he had promised? The God who levels even the strongest armies and humbles even the most powerful kings, turning their hearts wherever he pleases (Proverbs 21:1)?


Do you know the God who invaded our meager dot in his wide universe, who came in the very flesh he came to save? The God who turned barrels of water into the finest wine, who gave blind men the clearest vision, who opened the ears of the deaf to sounds and voices and songs they had never heard before, who fed thousands and thousands of people with barely enough food for a family? The God who sent demons running, who knew people’s innermost thoughts and told them their best-kept secrets, who walked across the waves and hushed the fiercest storms? The God who called a once rotting corpse out of the grave, and told him to rise?


Do you know the God who died for you? The God who gave blood its life-sustaining power, and then spilled his own to wash away your sin? The God who bore your griefs and carried your sorrows, who was crushed for your iniquities and cursed for your forgiveness? The God who climbed a cross, despite how often you had despised him, so that he might carry you down, safe and free, in him? The sinless, spotless, innocent God who became sin, our sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21)?


Do you know the God who broke out of the grave? The God who defeated death not by avoiding it but by plunging himself into it, for our sake, and then overthrowing it from the inside? The God who fought and won where every soul had fallen, overcoming Satan and all his legions of evil at the very moment they thought they had prevailed against him? The God who laid down his life, (no one could ever take it from him), so that he could take it up again just three days later (John 10:17–18) — never to lay it down again, not even after ten thousand years? The God who called you from the grave of your sin, who pulled you out of your pit of shame, who overcame all your resistance to him, who opened your once-blind eyes to who Jesus really is? The God who raised broken, sinful, wandering you into heavenly places, who filled you, even you, with himself, sending his Spirit to live in you and through you?


Do you know the God who will make all things new? The God who will one day wipe out sin and every cause of sin, who will heal our wounds and banish our weaknesses, who will judge, with flawless justice, every wrong the world has ever witnessed, who will finally cover the new earth with the grandeur of his glory? The God who will not only give us the new bodies we have always longed for, but the new world we were really made for — a world that, free from every hint of sin, will finally reveal, far and wide, just how much he can do?


If you do, then you know a God who can care for you. Leave all your anxieties in his mighty hands, because there is nothing, no nothing, he cannot do.