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Worship Initiative

We are excited to fill you in on a few partnerships that we feel can be huge assets for you and your worship team – WI Stems. What is that exactly? Well, it means that you have a mixer on your own device that allows you to mix the levels of ALL instruments and voices on the recordings to your liking, or to your needs, week to week. With the use of the apps of our partners below – you can have the WI band in your own hands and you can use them in any way that works for you! Do you need a drummer this week, or do you want only an extra electric part added into your band? Turn them up! Or do you need a backup band while you lead worship for your small group or your own personal time of worship? It’s all here...as WI Stems. Learn more about our partners below who have taken the WI catalogs and implemented them into their systems.

Buy Stems Here
  • High quality multitrack stems available in WAV and M4A
  • Available for download in all 12 keys
  • Stem downloads include Ableton session with song section markers
  • Playback is a free iOS track app and includes access to all purchased tracks
  • Save multiple setlists and collaborate with your team
  • Free Click Tracks and ambient pad
  • Adjust Start and End Times
  • Create smooth transitions with crossfade, overlap, and auto-link
  • Jump between any song, pad, or click at any time in your service
  • Add MIDI Cues to control lyrics, lights, instruments, and more
  • Save song arrangements with MultiTracks Cloud
  • Pro: Create custom song arrangements using song sections
  • Pro: Repeat a song section in real time with live looping
  • Pro: Control Playback with your favorite MIDI Controller
  • Pro: Connect a MIDI device using Apple's USB camera connection kit
  • Premium: Send up to 10 audio outputs with an audio interface
  • Premium: Jump between song sections live
  • Rentals Subscription offers 16 7-day rentals every month
  • Access Click and Guide for every catalog song with Cloud
  • Deliver Rehearsal Mixes to your team before rehearsal for part learning

Buy Tracks Here
  • 100% FREE App for iOS & MacOS
  • Change Key & Tempo
  • Customize Song Arrangements
  • Add Custom Click Tracks
  • Play with a Pad
  • Transition Options: Crossfade, Auto-Advance, Overlap
  • Create and Save Setlists
  • Section Jump to customize arrangement live
  • Section Loop to repeat sections live
  • Dynamic Click and Band Cues
  • Choose from 5 different cue voices
  • Choose from 5 different click sounds
  • Auto-fade in and fade-out button
  • Customize fade out times
  • Add or remove song sections
  • Waveform overview of entire song
  • Dark Mode option
  • Click is panned LEFT, Tracks are panned RIGHT to make it easy
  • Multi-Out Audio Interface compatible
  • MIDI Controller compatible
  • FREE Cloud Storage to upload your own audio for use in the app
  • Add custom section markers within the app
  • Download WAV files to use in Ableton Live