Community Testimonials

Logan Miller

"I tested out the WI for a week for free and was astounded with the depth of resources and the quality of those resources."

Kevin Huntsinger

"I love the heart behind this ministry and only say that I have waited years for something just like this. I literally can’t wait to login each day to discover something new and even learn something new."

Sarita Bridges

"I use voice-training videos at least three times a week to warm up and exercise my voice before practicing. I’ve noticed gradual improvement since I began using the videos regularly."

Ben Moore

"From simple things like dynamics to the benefits of inner ear monitors, Worship Initiative has allowed myself and individuals on our worship team to benefit from the wisdom of the WI team and grow our worship services into what we want them to be; Spirit-filled times of connection between Creator and His creation."

Beau Jacobson

"My favorite part is the heart training...drawing myself, as a worship leader, and the rest of my team closer to God and establishing a deep connection between our relationship with Christ and the music we play."

Chris Fronczak

"When I first signed up for The Worship Initiative, I knew how to play acoustic guitar. Today, I’m a worship leader… and a better guitar player, too."

Kevin McKelvy

"A heart for people to see and love the incredible grace of God permeates the Worship Initiative, and that’s why it does more than give me valuable tools for my team. It encourages me, personally, to persevere."

Jeffrey Robison

"I believe that my personal use of The Worship Initiative has helped my pastoral ministry to the whole body because it has greatly enhanced my personal worship."

Bryce Kirby

"The Worship Initiative has taken all of my experience and not only fine tuned it by teaching me more valuable technical skills, but has been teaching me how to stay grounded in the word and in worship on a personal level."

Anthony and Aaron Chiles

"The chord charts available for every song and in every key are great! Additionally, the content that is updated weekly keeps us aware of the songs that are touching people’s hearts, so that we can provide them to others."

Chris Garnett

"I have greatly enjoyed using the resource TWI offers! It has immensely helped me grow as a musician and given me different perspectives of leading worship. As an electric guitar player, I love the tutorial videos for lead guitar lines. The videos are easy to follow along with and have been a great benefit for lead guitar parts that I have struggled to figure out."

Brian Hicks

"I can honestly say that because of the work of the Holy Spirit, The Worship Initiative, and a great congregation...the worship experience here in Whittier, Alaska is authentic and real in a way it has never been before."

Gary Crosslin

"Some guitar lines are normally so difficult to translate by ear from the original artists recording, and WI makes it simple with training videos for each song, and Electric Boot-Camp lessons. From subtle tremolo bar accents and modern power chords, to sliding octaves up and down the neck, the instructors at WI tell the REAL story of electric guitar work."