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Live Worship Sets

from the Worship Initiative

1 778213863 295x166 Set 35 [Praise The King, Death Was Arrested, Lamb of God, I Will Exalt You]
2 777404514 295x166 Set 34 [How Great Is Your Love, Oh Lord Almighty, I Will Wait For You (Psalm 130), O Praise The Name]
3 776087250 295x166 Set 33 [Love So Great, Goodness of God, Is He Worthy, Reckless Love, Trust You]
4 773944034 295x166 Set 32 [Liberty, Hallelujah For The Cross, Oh Lord Almighty, Goodness of God, Psalm 23, King of My Heart]
5 767610737 295x166 Set 31 [The Lord Is My Salvation, Psalm 46, In Christ Alone, O Lord Almighty, The Stand]
6 764273525 295x166 Set 30 [Lean Back, No Longer Slaves, Tremble]
7 756484339 295x166 Set 29 (Psalm 46, Is He Worthy, Love So Great, Psalm 34, Who You Say I Am)
8 745970659 295x166 Set 28 [Joy To The World / O Holy Night] (Christmas Tour 2018)
9 740874251 295x166 Set 27 [The Lord Is My Salvation, This We Know, There Is A Fountain, His Mercy Is More, My Chains Are Gone]
10 745405180 295x166 Set 26 [Hallelujah For The Cross, You're Worthy Of It All, Is He Worthy, Love So Great]
11 736348597 295x166 Set 25 [The One You'll Find, O Come To The Altar, Is He Worthy, Worthy of Affection]
12 735492854 295x166 Set 24 [Holy Holy Holy, How Great Thou Art, He Will Hold Me Fast, King Of My Heart]
13 735494609 295x166 Set 23 [Great Things, Love So Great, No Longer Slaves, My Worth Is Not In What I Own] feat. Jon Abel & Dinah Wright
14 733339401 295x166 Set 22 [Hallelujah For The Cross, O Praise The Name, Life Defined, Who You Say I Am, Reckless Love]
15 735493199 295x166 Set 21 [Glorious Day, Holy Holy Holy, What A Beautiful Name, Worthy of Your Name]
16 735495288 295x166 Set 20 [The Lord Is My Salvation, Jesus Is Better, Holy Holy Holy]
17 730000479 295x166 Set 19 [Love So Great, Build My Life, All Hail King Jesus, No Longer Slaves, Sinking Deep] feat. Sam Deford
18 735497146 295x166 Set 18 [Great Things, Resurrecting, Heart of God, King of My Heart, Here's My Heart, Living Hope] feat. Hayden Browning & Dinah Wright
19 735508530 295x166 Set 17 [There's A River, Who You Say I Am, No Longer Slaves, New Wine] feat. Beth Barnard
20 720250816 295x166 Set 16 [This I Believe, O Come To The Altar, Lamb of God, My Chains Are Gone, Build My Life]
21 730001502 295x166 Set 15 [Peace, Faithful To The End, So Will I, You're Beautiful, Who You Say I Am] feat. Hayden Browning & Dinah Wright
22 716612552 295x166 Set 14 [In Christ Alone, Reckless Love, Take Over, Here's My Heart, Come As You Are]
23 730002777 295x166 Set 13 [Chain Breaker, Ps. 34, Love So Great, Behold, Do It Again]
24 735498296 295x166 Set 12 [Multiplied, Who You Say I Am, Life Defined, O Praise The Name, Great Are You Lord] feat. Jon Abel
25 711759974 295x166 Set 11 [Do It Again, Though You Slay Me, Lord I Need You]
26 710534328 295x166 Set 10 [Faithful To The End, Jesus We Love You, Tremble] feat. Hayden Browning & Camryn Young
27 735496796 295x166 Set 9 [Great Reward, Jesus We Love You, Life Defined, This We Know, Christ Is Enough]
28 735507817 295x166 Set 8 [Love So Great, Praise The King, Life Defined, This We Know, Christ Is Enough, Who You Say I Am]
29 706150221 295x166 Set 7 [Oceans, Living Hope, Build My Life, Reckless Love] feat. Hayden Browning, Dinah Wright, & Grant McCurdy
30 704719184 295x166 Set 6 [Ps. 34, 'Tis So Sweet, Who You Say I Am, Reckless Love]
31 704415435 295x166 Set 5 [You're Worthy Of It All, No Longer Slaves, Who You Say I Am]
32 703373799 295x166 Set 4 [This We Know, How He Loves, Who You Say I Am]
33 699912054 295x166 Set 3 [Psalm 34, Life Defined, In Christ Alone, Reckless Love] (Acoustic Set)
34 757517823 295x166 Set 2 [Life Defined, Doxology, Praise Him] (Live from the Linger Conference)
35 638282988 295x166 Set 1 [O Come to The Altar, O Praise the Name, No Longer Slaves, Liberty)
36 757860561 295x166 Hymns Live (Full Concert)
37 757815194 295x166 Is He Worthy (Live)
38 757814379 295x166 Tis So Sweet (Live)
39 757816004 295x166 How Great Thou Art (Live)
40 757816950 295x166 Come Thou Fount (Above All Else) [Live]
41 757816482 295x166 His Mercy is More (Live)
42 757815631 295x166 I Will Wait For You (Psalm 130) [Live]
43 757814847 295x166 The Lord is My Salvation (Live)
44 757816342 295x166 Holy, Holy, Holy (We Bow Before Thee) [Live]
45 757816609 295x166 He Will Hold Me Fast (Live)