Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm a fan, but not a musician. How can I just purchase the music from The Worship Initiative?

Just go to the iTunes store and search "The Worship Initiative"

2. Are stems available?

Yes, they are available through our partners at and Just go to either one and search, "The Worship Initiative".

3. Why do you charge for chord charts?

We would love to give the charts for free, but they are not entirely ours to give. We charge a nominal fee in order to pay the legal copyright holders and process all the necessary paperwork that involves.

4. Can I share my membership with my team?

No. However, we have a group plan feature that allows your entire team to have access to the site! It is customizable, depending on the size of your team. See the group plans here.

5. How can I reach someone with feedback or questions?

To offer suggestions, feedback, or comments please email For help, email

6. Where can I connect with you on social media?

Twitter: @We_Are_Wi Facebook: Instagram:

7. Where can I buy WeAreWi tee-shirts and merchandise?

We have great tees (and other WI things) available at The WI Store.

8. Would you mind if I tell everyone I know about

That would be great. Please do. Thanks!