What is Residency?

In the summer of 2023, the first-ever Worship Initiative Residents made their way to Dallas, Texas for a two-month intensive with the Worship Initiative team. Selected from hundreds of applicants, six residents gathered daily in our offices and studios to study the Psalms, pray and eat meals together, learn from worship leaders, and write songs from the Word of God. Every afternoon, for weeks on end, they wrote with professional writers from the Worship Initiative team. Our Residency Director, Robbie Seay, taught lessons daily, primarily focused on four specific areas: The Psalms, Worship Leadership, Music Business + Recording, and Songwriting. The Residency Program culminated in an album recording week with the entire Worship Initiative team, including Shane Barnard, Aaron Williams, Davy Flowers, John Marc Kohl, Dinah Wright, and others. That album, “Psalms From The Well,” was released in November 2023 and is the first-ever original album of Psalms from the Worship Initiative.

Summer 2023 was only the beginning! We are excited to announce details for next summer as we plan to expand the program to equip and encourage more Residents in 2024. Stay tuned for more information on how to apply.


Psalms From The Well

Writers Well


"Psalms From The Well" is the result of community and collaboration between the six 2023 summer residents, Residency Director Robbie Seay, and our entire team at Worship Initiative. Produced by Shane Barnard and Bryan Fowler, these songs first formed in the hearts of our team after weeks of studying the Psalms and worshipping together as a family. Daily co-writing happened all over our offices and studios with a sense that God was giving our community (and yours!) new songs to sing. Every track comes from a specific Psalm, and our prayer is that as you listen, the Word of Christ would dwell richly in you, and that these songs would lead you right back to the Psalms and--through His Word--to Jesus himself.


The Worship Initiative Residency gives you the opportunity to live in community with other worship leaders, grow with brothers and sisters in the faith as you daily study God's Word, and sharpen one another as songwriters.

Not to mention have a blast with the Worship Initiative team in Texas next summer!